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Adeline’s Story

Adeline is a Bouvier that started having seizures when she turned 2. We were also told that she would develop arthritis and eventually hip dysplasia. We were referred to Dr. Kube for neurology and for pain management. I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Kube and her staff. Her caring approach with her patients is amazing. Adeline is my child and I worry about her constantly. Everyone went above and beyond to make sure we were both comfortable with what was going on. Every question/concern was answered in a compassionate way. Her water therapy and laser treatments have helped her greatly. We never thought we would get her into the tank for the water therapy, but Renee was very patient and took her time and she did it!!! I can’t thank everyone at Veterinary Neurology and Pain Management enough. Her seizures have gotten better and she is a happy girl. This is a facility that truly cares about what they are doing. Thank you!!!!