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Gracie’s Story

Gracie the dog

I want to take a moment to thank Dr. Kube and Dr. Wolfe and the entire staff for everything you have done for my beagle, Gracie. Gracie had very successful spinal surgery. Before the surgery, her hind legs were like rubber and she had lost most of control over them. She could only take about two steps and her hind legs would wobble and fold under and she would fall. Now after the surgery, she is walking very well and getting stronger every day. She has only had two physical therapy sessions so far and is doing very well. I also want to thank the entire staff for the truly loving care and attention Gracie gets when she is with you. It really shows just how much you all truly care. If I had to make a list of pros and cons, the pros list would be too long to print and there would not be a single con. Again, thank you so much for everything you have done for Gracie.