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Mia’s Story

Mia is our long-Haired 7 yr old chihuahua. She is our one and only pet. A few months back, she was diagnosed with meningitis/encephalitis from an unknown origin causing her to have neurological episodes from inflammation on her cerebellum. We can not say enough about Dr. Kube and her staff. I’m in medicine (human) and I wanted to make certain my baby had the BEST! I contacted 3 vet tech friends from3 different parts of Mass. I assumed Angell Memorial was “the place to go” when much to my delight all 3 techs, hands down, directed us to Dr Kube. She is knowledgeable, helpful, empathetic practically a Human physiatrist LOL (joke). She worked very closely with our primary vet and was extremely responsive via email. We can not say enough about her. Her staff is beyond empathetic and caring. You want the BEST OF THE BEST…. this is the place you NEED to be! When leaving your sick baby in the hands of these loving professionals it makes your day a smidge better knowing your baby is going to be ok. We can’t thank them enough….Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!