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Robby-John’s Story

Robby-John the cat

I received a phone call from your office today, completely out of the blue. The pleasant young lady I spoke with was asking about how my cat Robby-John was doing.

First, let me say Robby-John is doing very well, thanks to you, Dr. Kube (and your wonderful staff). It’s been about nine months since I first brought Robby-John to your office. At that time, he was very sick and I was very nervous that I might lose him. Getting an appointment to see you was very quick and from start to finish you showed such genuine care and compassion for both my little Robby and me, his very nervous Mom. Your office performed all the testing and labs that same day. No dragging the process out. We brought him home with some meds and, by that time, with some of the test results. The rest of the results came a few short days later. My husband and I were so relieved when that phone call came. Robby-John was going to be okay.

It took a few weeks to get him back to his normal self but he is definitely there now. He’s healthy, alert, mischievous and all the wonderful things a young kitty should be. He is loved beyond belief!!!

Since you gave us the all-clear a month or so after you initially treated him, your office has continued to check up on him; several times, in fact. Each time I get a call I’m pleasantly surprised and so so so appreciative of the fact that you’re still checking in. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for everything you did for Robby and his very grateful parents.

Here are a couple of pics showing him as he was, during his recovery with his best friend and just a few days ago lounging on my husband’s recliner while my husband gets the couch. Enjoy and Thank You All!!